Guaranteed Over – 50 Plans

/Guaranteed Over – 50 Plans

Leaving a cash sum for your family is cheaper than you think.

  • Pays a fixed cash sum upon death.
  • If you are a UK resident aged between 50-85, acceptance is guaranteed.
  • No medical questions to answer

A popular plan to provide a cash lump sum to help with funeral costs or financial help to loved ones.

Do I need it?

A Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is a very simple way to leave behind a fixed cash sum for your family when you die. It can be left as a gift or help towards funeral expenses.

Is it expensive?

You have choice on how much you want to pay each month to make sure it is affordable to you. Based on what you pay a month a lump sum payment that your family will get is then worked out.

Did you know?

As of July 2016, £3.90 is the lowest premium on the market you can expect to pay a month for a Guaranteed Over-50 Pan.