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Why you should talk to Gerard Associates?

We are experts in the retirement and financial planning industry

Gerard Associates Ltd are independent and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Our team of experts give you independent advice. We will always look at the whole market and recommend what you should do with your savings. We are fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

No Jargon!

We will use plain English, simplify and explain all the pension jargon to help you understand your pension. We will help you through the entire transfer processing, by providing ongoing guidance and support.

Annual Pension Reviews

Once you final salary pension is transferred, that is not the end of it! We will be giving you on-going help and advice as part of our service. We will always be on hand to help, and please feel free to ask us for any additional advice and our other services.

We will make your pension work the way you want it to

We can consolidate your pension into one flexible pension pot, we will look at low annual management charges to maximise your pension savings

Trust in us

We will only recommend trusted providers to ensure that your pension savings are with the right company.


Can I Access My Pension Now?

Learn more about your pension options and find out if we can help

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Should I transfer my pension?

Find out if transferring your pension could benefit you

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Transfer out of a Final Salary Scheme?

There are many benefits to members who want to transfer out of their final salary scheme

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4 simple steps to transferring your pension

Step 1

We will ask you for some simple information which will allow us to begin the process of transferring your final salary pension.

Step 2

We ask you to complete one of our letters of authority, and return it back to us. Once received, we will then be able to contact your pension provider and obtain a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value. (CETV)

Step 3

Once we have received the CETV, we will conduct a full review and produce a full report which will include a Transfer Value Analysis (TVAS) and our recommendations.


Step 4

Our expert adviser will arrange a call to discuss our recommendations. If you are happy to proceed, and all of the relevant transfer forms are completed we will then make the necessary arrangements and transfer you pension.

Assisting your process in advising clients with
UK safeguarded Benefits on a suitability of a transfer

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